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Have you been to Church?  Why did you go?   A christening, a wedding, Harvest Festival, or Christmas?


Church is a place in the community where people go for special events.   Have a look at the following video  and powerpoint of a christening.

Try labeling the picture of a Christening

A virtual visit inside St Giles Church, Balderton by Rev. Louise.

In Year 1 we usually go on a trip to St Giles Church to look inside at the different areas and what they are used for. 


There are some beautiful things found inside Church and Rev. Louise has kindly videoed them for us.


When you have watched them you could draw your favourite one and give a reason for your choice.


Enjoy watching.....

This week we are looking at Christian Symbols. Do you recognise any of these?

Have a go at designing your own !

Identify key features of a special place and talk about why it is important for some people to have a special place to go to.

Christians have a special places that they go to –    


Do you know what places are special for Christians?


When might they go there?


Remind when we visited St Giles for our visits to church for Harvest, Christmas and Easter.

What particular day do Christians go to church?



Activity – My special place is… It is special because… When I go there I feel….

Activity –  Draw a picture of your special place and write a sentence about it.

My special place is…

It is special because…

When I go there I feel….

Your special place - it could be your bedroom, your house, your garden!

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