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Week 3 15.6.20

Each week we will be running a poll- just for fun!...a 'would you rather' question.

Last week's question was: 

"Would you rather live in the city or the countryside?"

The winner of the poll was: The countryside (we only had 2 voted for the city!)

The best supporting answer was "I would rather live in the country as there is lots of fresh air and more opportunities to see animals and things growing."


This week’s question is.......

"Would you rather be an astronaut or a deep sea diver?"



Send us an email and let us know supporting your thoughts with at least one reason. There were some great supporting reasons last week, so well done!!


Over the next few weeks we are going to venture deeper into the RAINFOREST.


Last week we were using the world map and the globe to learn a little bit about where we live and where the rainforests are.  We know now that the rainforests are on the equator.

But do we know ‘Why do the rainforests grow so green and so big and tall on the equator?’  Maybe you could find out and let us know.


We will begin by learning about The Four Layers of the rainforest and then we’ll identify some animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects make their homes in these different layers.  We will share with you some of the pages from a book called ‘Voices of the Rainforest’ as well as a range of weblinks, information slides and printable activities so that you can begin your journey towards becoming a rainforest expert! 

A really great place to start is by watching this video.



Top Tip –with the weblinks – always listen carefully to the sounds you can hear – it’s a really busy place for wildlife in the rainforest!


Over the next few weeks, we’ll keep looking at ‘Voices of the Rainforest’, and we’ll take a closer look at some of the animals too.  We’ll also explore how some of these animals feature in fiction, rhyme, poetry and non-fiction books. 


You might have a book at home which would be useful to share with us.


You may notice there are lots of activities this week and next week  - we predict that children may want to explore the rainforest in different directions first etc and we want to ensure the resources are there to support them as they do.  We therefore hope you will find a useful bank of activities to dip in and out of over the coming weeks thereafter.  



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