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Week 2 Home Learning 30.3.20



This week is all about halves. Let's start by watching this story called 'Give Me Half'. 



Give Me Half! by Stuart J. Murphy

Have a look through this powerpoint about halving objects. Notice that both sides are equal. This is very important when we find half of something.
Now it's your turn to have a go at halving! Either print of the pictures below and cut them in half. Or can you make some shapes out of paper and either fold or cut them in half? Don't forget, each side should be equal

Half or not half?

Can you sort out these shapes into whether they have been split in half or not?

Problem Solving! 



That's right! They're both right. There are lots of ways a circle can be split in half. Can you find them all?

Sesame Street: Ernie's Half-Eaten Sandwich

Are you ready for some quarter fraction work? 

You could cut your sandwich in quarters or maybe your pizza.


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